Cloned from seed04, formerly upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04, and recently ugpraded from 16.04 to 18.04

Info from show.t.o setup

See info at:

1.1. Custom steps

  • installed mysql instead of mariadb
  • mysql root pass written for jm in .mysqlrootpass file in his home
  • missing to add the backups part Xavi

Missing (as detected in skype session with jyhem and jonnyb):

  • make /home/ctrl/.ssh/authkeysfile owned by ctrl:www-data
  • make /var/www owned by ctrl:www-data
  • tweak tim scripts to create tar.gz out of tiki19 svn src folder also

Mysql changed to mariadb by fabio

1.2. munin node

Add munin node changes, so that munin from seeds4c.org monitors the basic variables from the server.

See: https://llavorspac.org/Server+seed11+-+seeds4c.org+2016#Monitor_other_servers_as_nodes_from_this_munin_server

See server status at:

Munin stats:

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